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On Sunday 20th October, you will have the opportunity to speak with us as well as other potential investors and current investors. 
There will be plenty of choice from the buffet and the bar so everybody can feel refreshed throughout the afternoon.
We have investors attending from all over the UK such as Leeds, Milton Keynes, Leicester, Warwickshire and London. No matter where you’re from you are welcome to attend! 
Find out how we have achieved over 40% on our portfolio since December 2018 and see how you can become part of SR Investments. 
The event is totally free! Click the link below to get your ticket now: 
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Thank you for your comments and inboxes firstly, through popular demand this blog will cover the things you need to consider when making an investment!

It can be a huge and nervy step when investing your hard-earned money but really it doesn’t need to be that way. If you have considered and researched all of the important factors, then you should be able to go and invest your money with confidence. So, in this post we will take you through what these factors are and provide you with a check list of things to think about before making your investment.
As I’m sat in my Liverpool shirt having watched Man Utd draw against Chelsea, after Man City have just gone back to the top of the table, it got me thinking about how to make shrewd investments. Considering City and Liverpool have invested very well in recent years and the other two sides…. well, I’m not saying any more on that as I don’t want trouble with Sandy (Utd fan). It’s clear that in football, in business or in day to day life there’s a lot to think about when making an investment. So here’s your list of things to consider…
Firstly, are the fund happy to show previous results?
Performance has got to be at the forefront of your mind. Much like the football reference above, a club wouldn’t buy a striker who hasn’t been scoring, so why would you invest in a fund that isn’t going to reach your goals?
While with any investment, past results can’t be a guarantee of future results, they certainly are the main indicator of how safe your investment will be.
Although SR Investments is a young organisation, one of our main aims is to be transparent from day 1 and we regularly share updates of how our portfolio is performing. If you get in touch and are looking to invest, we can share links from My FX Book which shows the strong performance of our portfolio currently achieving 5% PER MONTH on our low-risk strategy!
Are they being pushy in their approach or avoiding certain questions?
Sandy and I have made investments ourselves in the past, when we didn’t know much about trading or the financial markets. Overall our experiences were poor. We came across pushy individuals who gave minimal detail. One key thing you need to consider is whether they helping you to make the right decision for YOU or are they pushing you into something you aren’t yet decided upon?
For example, make sure you ask questions regarding:
Strategy – Are they investing into equities, foreign exchange, cryptos? It’s always good to know where your money is being invested. 
Fees – Are there any hidden fees? Does the fund charge an annual fee? We have previously come across financial advisors who charge an annual fee on top of their commission. Be careful of this! 
Withdrawal options – Consider how long you are looking to invest for? What are your returns likely to be and can you access your money when needed? Keep your targets realistic, remember this isn’t a football accumulator. 

How well do you know the organisation you are looking to invest with?
There are thousands of funds out there and countless social media pages for investing, learning to trade or trading signals groups for people who want to trade with no experience. But how do you truly get to know which are genuine?
Time is the answer.
You need to take your time to get to know both the organisation and the individuals looking after your money, whether that be direct access to communicate with the traders or an account manager.
We set up this bog so you can see our story, you can see the results we get and potential clients can ask any one of us in the organisation questions. 
There are many scams out there on social media that promise unrealistic and instant returns. Our advice would be get to know how they are making their money. Are they helping you and making money for themselves as a byproduct or are they drawing you in to just make money out of you. This is often from subscriptions or sign ups etc. and they make profit whether you actually make money for yourself or not.
What’s the right amount to invest?
At SR Investments we emphasise that you don’t have to invest all your money straight away. It does obviously depend on what returns you are looking for and how quickly however we’d recommend testing the water first, seeing gains and then adding to your pot.
For example, in February we had a new investor who deposited £5,000 initially based on our advice. 2 months in, after seeing fantastic results, they have invested a further £10,000 into their fund in the knowledge that their money is safe.
Top tip: Request projections before you invest and compare your results to the projections over the first 3 months. Obviously, projections aren’t guaranteedhowever you will quickly see if that fund sets themselves unrealistic targets and if so, they are likely to be a more-risky proposition.

What level of risk do you want to select?
There’s a simple answer here. We would always recommend low-risk. Don’t expose your money adverse risks.
Every fund should provide you with options and yes we can trade for you with a medium or high risk strategy however we want and have been achieving consistent results through our low risk strategy. My bank offers me 2.25% a year in a help to buy ISA however this percentage and more has been achieved regularly EACH MONTH by SR Investments. So why put your money at a higher risk when you can get those kind of returns?
Some Forex traders out there claim they can make up to 50% a month! Well that might be true… for one month but the issue is, the next month they are very much likely to lose 50% due to their risk levels.
What are the terms and conditions in the contract?
Firstly, if you don’t understand something in the contract, don’t be afraid to ask questions on what it means. As with any industry there may be technical jargon in there.
Secondly, if you don’t like one of the terms then make sure you ask why this is included, maybe it can be changed? Some of our terms at SR Investments are flexible, like options for withdrawals to ensure that your investment fits your circumstances.
Finally, it goes without saying always read the small print! Many funds may add additional charges for withdrawing and other extras like broker charges or annual fees, keep your eye out for these. Any charges from the broker we use are absorbed by SR Investments and unlike some funds we only make profit off your account when you are making profit too.

What kind of contact will you get?
As a final detail to consider, find out what kind of contact you will have before and while your investment is in their hands. Are they happy to meet in person? It’s often easier to break down any more technical information and negotiate terms before you invest if they are happy to offer a personal service.
Once you are invested, if you have any questions or concerns, you don’t want to be waiting around for a response when there’s money involved! Find out if they have a dedicated account manager or can you speak to key people directly?
At SR Investments for prospective clients we continuously monitor the social channels and emails for ease of communication. For those that have invested you not only have the social channels and email but an account manager available round the clock, monthly updates as well access to speak to Sandy our trader and Managing Director for anything more technical!
We hope you find this article useful and whether you are planning to invest money with SR Investments or any fund out there, make sure you consider the above. Happy investing!
If you would like to ask any questions or enquire about making an investment for yourself then get in touch by emailing info@srinvestments.co.uk or contact Sandy today by call or Whats App on 07534488830.
If you don’t yet have an amount to invest, remember whether you are a client or not, we offer a £100 referral reward if you recommend someone who deposits with SR Investments.
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So as Sandy has now landed back in the UK and hit the ground running with a great days trading yesterday, it’s my turn to get off on holiday! But before I shoot off to Budapest, as promised earlier in the week, I wanted to share with you our second helping of lessons in business from Sandy and Mitun:
 Click "Read More" to hear the final 5 lessons!
Lesson 6: Don’t rush yourself
Similar to not assuming you are going to grow a business quickly, don’t rush to grow your business too quickly. One of the main challenges as you grow is taking on staff, you need to ensure you have a clear strategy that ensures if you have a sudden loss of income or a dip in sales you can still support both the business and its staff.
Lesson 7: Be good at one thing
Especially when starting out, it’s important to focus on one goal. I remember all the ideas Sandy had within those first few months once he had set up SR Investments. A high street branch, taking on staff, international events… and while world domination is still the aim… it was key to focus on one thing to start with instead of 5 - building a successful investment portfolio that clients can trust. 
Having that focus has had great results with investments now reaching over £150,000 – pretty well trusted!
Lesson 8: Be visible online
Everything is online now and unlike traditional marketing methods such as leaflets, everything online is trackable. One of the game changers for Mitun’s business was gaining #1 ranking on google for the search “mobile phone repairs nuneaton”. This was all achieved by rebuilding his website to improve his SEO (search engine optimisation). If your site has strong SEO your will have more traffic to your site and are therefore more likely to gain sales. You can also track this traffic and each customers journey through Google Analytics and find out who is landing where on your web pages.
Being #1 ranked also means that he has had more footfall into store from people searching locally looking to drop in somewhere for a repair.
Lesson 9: Find ways to spread the word
How else have Sandy and Mitun promoted their businesses? 
Facebook, Google and Reviews. Reviews are key to build trust and if you deliver an outstanding service, people love to talk about it.
You may have seen our recent recommend a friend for £150 giveaway… this led to us gaining 2 new investors within 15 minutes of posting! Think about how you can get people talking about your business. The great thing with our recommend a friend was that even if you aren’t a direct customer of SR Investments people still wanted to get involved.
Lesson 10: Working alone is tough!
One of the toughest parts of running a business independently is the time spent alone. It’s not so bad on a day when everything is going your way but whenever there is a dip in performance or a challenge comes your way it can feel overwhelming when you don’t have a team of people around you. This isn’t so bad if Sandy is out meeting with his clients however the majority of the time is spent analysing the markets and trading. Luckily due to the success of the business Chanel Baldwin has now joined the team as an Account Manager which should help on those more testing days, as well as improving the service and support offered to clients.
If you are in an industry where you do spend a lot of time working independently it’s really important to get a network of people around you, whether that’s to discuss strategies and ideas or just simply to raise spirits with some banter, they don’t have to be an employee but a fellow business owner for example or anyone who may be facing similar barriers and challenges.
I had only planned to share 10 lessons with you across the two blog posts but while I’m on a roll, lesson 10 reminded me of a crucial tip - Surround yourself with successful people.
Since becoming a client of SR Investments Mitun has been in regular contact with Sandy and the fact that both of them run businesses has built a competitive spirit between the two. They regularly check in with each other in regards to performance and sharing their successes each week spurs the other on to do more in their business. This is something, if you want to be successful yourself, you need to replicate. Surround yourself with people who want to see you progress and those that will question your ideas, not just tell you what you want to hear. Sandy now has a number of connections with other successful traders and business owners which allows him to gain best practices from other industries that perhaps he can replicate in his own organisation. 

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To hear more about our low-risk investment options email info@srinvestments.co.uk or contact me on 07949223771.
Thanks – Sean, Marketing Manager. 

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So… while Sandy and Chanel are sunning themselves in the Dominican Republic it may seem like running a business is all hot air balloons and holidays… but while they take this well-deserved rest I thought it would be useful to you to reflect on some of the lessons they have learned through setting up and becoming successful.
If you’ve been following our blog you will remember our meeting last month with Mitun, a happy client and the owner of successful mobile phone repair and sales store Ring Ring Mobile in Nuneaton. In the next two pieces I will look back at their catch up and incorporate lessons from both of their journeys.  Click "Read More" to reveal the first 5 lessons!
Lesson #1: Be prepared to take risks…
Mitun set up his phone repair shop in 2014, the shop was for sale and within a week he had took the dive and took over. He had experience buying and selling phones but no experience of fixing them… which is actually his main source of business now!
Obviously this made it a calculated risk with his sales experience however if you never go out of your comfort zone you will never move forwards. Phone repairs now make up around 70% of his business.
Lesson #2: Never say no!
For Mitun, he ran the shop for the first 8 months independently. Whatever came through the door whether it be phones, tablets or laptops, it was crucial he had to grow the customer base and take on these requests. This meant where he couldn’t carry out a repair himself, he would outsource to a skilled technician. However, with the transaction still going through him, he was still growing the business and his reputation.
So whether you have all the skills yourself or not, if you have the customer, find a way to support and service them!
Lesson #3: Always add value
With SR Investments growing rapidly we have many people approaching us to say, “how can I learn to trade?” or “can you teach me how to trade?” and while Sandy does have the expertise, the aim of the business is to spend our time supporting our clients and trading to make the outstanding returns we have been making.
Now that’s not to say we don’t help these people in their own journey. We provide advice and guidance based on where Sandy has had his best experiences training. This allows us to still have a positive interaction with these people, who may or may not become clients in the future but either way it builds a positive brand image.
For anyone who is interested, we would highly recommend www.astrofxc.com in terms of learning to trade or improving your technical abilities trading on different markets including FX and crypto currencies.
Lesson #4: Give away things for free!
No, I know what you are thinking. That doesn’t make any business sense at all but hear me out.
Example 1: This blog! We give out free advice and tips to people looking to invest and this leads to clients reading and engaging with us. It’s not about rushing these potential clients into a sale but it’s about building their trust with your brand and in the long run, yes, they may then become a customer/client.
Example 2: AstroFX who I mentioned above give out loads of free video content online, techniques you can use when trading etc. and it leads people to seeing them as experts in their field. Some customers may just use the free videos but on their last free video they had over 22,000 views… so let’s say a small proportion, just 5% of these people decide to buy a course... I’ll let you do the maths but they’re winning!
Lesson 5: Use every minute
You can’t assume you are going to get big quickly! When Mitun opened his store there would be time that goes by with no customers coming through the door. You need to make sure that when you aren’t making sales, you are using that time effectively.
Consider what other tasks will add maximum value in this time. How are you marketing the business? Is there promotions you can do for the quieter periods/times of year?
I’ll tell you all about how he became visible online in our next blog post.
That’s not it, we have another 5 key lessons to come later this week. Keep your eyes peeled for the next post but in the meantime, what challenges have you faced? What big lessons have you learnt in setting up a business or within your career? Comment below and let us know!
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To hear more about our low-risk investment options email info@srinvestments.co.uk or contact me on 07949223771.
Thanks – Sean, Marketing Manager. 
<![CDATA[Refer a friend to earn £150...]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2019 16:37:06 GMThttp://srinvestments.co.uk/the-journey-blog/refer-a-friend-to-earn-150
To celebrate hitting Quarter 1’s targets we’re offering you the chance to earn yourself £150 ... for just having friends!

All you have to do is refer a friend to SR Investments and once your referral makes a deposit of the minimum amount required for our measured account you pocket the money!

UPDATE: This £150 has now been won however we have an ongoing offer of £100 for anyone who makes a referral that results in the new client depositing £3000 or more.

Do you have someone in mind?
If so, get in touch by emailing info@srinvestments.co.uk or contact Sandy today on 07534488830.
<![CDATA[Performance Ahead of Projections]]>Tue, 26 Mar 2019 18:41:54 GMThttp://srinvestments.co.uk/the-journey-blog/performance-ahead-of-projections
Here’s what our projections look like if you invest and select one of our two main account types the “Measured” or “Aggressive” accounts.

Unlike others we don’t like to over promise and under deliver with our projections. In fact, check out these two screenshots below because we’re currently out performing our projections on these two live “Measured” low-risk accounts.

This £3,000 account has reached over 20% gain by month 3, with this £11,000+ account already hitting 4.9% for month 1. If your account out performs our projections, the profit split stays the same because we want to see our clients secure their future.

​Interested in finding out more about our investment options? Just email today  by clicking here!

Where do we get these results from? These are verified from myfxbook accounts to ensure our performance is transparent and audited. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter on this page for all our latest news, performance reports and updates!
<![CDATA[My experience as a client of SR Investments]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2019 18:46:44 GMThttp://srinvestments.co.uk/the-journey-blog/my-experience-as-a-client-of-sr-investments
“you are treated like a partner of the business, not just a customer”
At SR Investments our business is built around our clients, we take a personal approach and always look for feedback. Whether it’s our monthly newsletter, client meals or meetings, we will pass on our expertise and get to know how we can support you in reaching your financial goals.

This month we caught up with Mitun, a valued client of ours who set up an account in July 2018. He owns the successful mobile phone repair and sales store Ring Ring Mobile in Nuneaton and we met to find out and share with you what it is like to be a client of SR Investments. Click "Read More" to continue reading.....
Why was Mitun considering making an investment?
“I wanted a pot of money on the side that provided me with real returns that I could actually access, unlike an ISA”
*We will discuss and agree all terms when you invest which includes flexible withdrawal options*

Before we delve further into the meeting it’s important to clarify what as an organisation SR Investments is all about - SR was created to allow people to secure their future, to get more from their hard earned money and see profits, rather than hand profits day in day out to the banks.

Don’t get me wrong, in terms of profits this is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. When making an investment you can’t always guarantee returns but we do not make unrealistic claims and promise you profits that are un-achievable like many schemes or scams out there. Too many out there over promise and under deliver.

What we HAVE ACHIEVED for our clients are returns that beat what many of the banks offer in a year, every single month.
So back to Mitun:
Why did you choose to invest with SR?
“I really appreciated the soft approach – I followed the company’s progress over two months, spoke with Sandy regularly and I was never actually asked for investment. I was passed all of the information that I needed, allowing me to calculate the risk and make a clear decision knowing my investment was in the right hands.”
*Unlike some, we’re not pushy sales people, many clients have come to us with a sum to invest and we have recommended investing a portion of this first. Ensure you are happy with the return after the first few months and then add to your investment as you see the results*
How has your experience been so far?
“It has been a fantastic experience with such a personal service. The fact I can get in touch and go straight to the top, speaking to Sandy as an expert trader, you just don’t get that anywhere else.”
“The speed of communication is great too, along with the openness. I have had a clear monthly update which has broken down the month, with an explanation of how our account growth has been achieved and any related news.”
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What is it like being a client of SR Investments?
“You feel like you become part of the team, when you invest you are treated like a partner of the business, not just a customer.”

And most importantly, are you happy with the growth on the account?
“I’m very happy with the progress so far, making an 8% gain last month alone! I’m looking forward to my next update!”
There’s more to come from our catch up with Mitun, as a business owner himself he has been key in pushing Sandy in his journey. Over the next few weeks we will discuss and explore the challenges they have both faced in setting up their own businesses – plenty of lessons that can be learned for your own journey.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of investing over saving? Are you frustrated with your savings account or ISA’s returns and terms?
Comment below if you have any questions and get in touch if you want to join the journey as an investor - info@srinvestments.co.uk.

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The value of having a mentor
Monday morning this week saw the team venture down to Essex to catch up with Jamie (Jay), an experienced trader who has mentored and supported Sandy, assisting him in becoming the well-rounded trader he is today. I want to tell you a little more about how Sandy has utilised mentoring in his journey and how this can help you in your career.
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The value of having a mentor
Monday morning this week saw the team venture down to Essex to catch up with Jamie (Jay), an experienced trader who has mentored and supported Sandy, assisting him in becoming the well-rounded trader he is today. I want to tell you a little more about how Sandy has utilised mentoring in his journey and how this can help you in your career.
So firstly, how did Jamie learn his craft?
Jay, similar to Sandy, had a trade based skill but found himself stuck doing long 13 hour days as a self-employed plumber. On a number of occasions, he had seen his landlord pulling up in different cars, one being a range rover and another a Lamborghini, so growing frustrated with his situation he decided to question how. He was told about trading, foreign exchange and stocks which led him to starting to do some research for himself.
As you can imagine, with many stories and visions of “instant success” online it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking trading will be straight forward. So with the dream in mind, a little research and a few thousand in hand, he set up his first trading account. Day 1, he was £800 up, all of a sudden the dream seemed to be a reality… then in his own words, with that account “it all went south from there”.
It was clear he had some real ambition but needed further training, he didn’t have a mentor to call on himself so sought out training through junior trading roles in London. After learning how to trade effectively at ADS Capital he then moved into a broker position and later joined the organisation where he would meet Sandy.
For anyone who is thinking at this stage – I want to learn to trade, get in touch to find out:
  • Top tips
  • The challenges you will face
  • Advice on who to contact for training
We will have more blog content soon on each of these!
What brought the pair together?
Jamie was flying as a trader, he was what they call “flipping” accounts every week. Essentially doubling accounts. £5,000 to £10,000 in 7 days. At this time there were courses being offered with trainees joining the trading floor on a regular basis, with Sandy being one. Whilst having this success, Jamie had always said, “everyone has to start somewhere” and decided to go above and beyond his role to support those who were training.
Sandy was taking annual leave from work, one day per week to complete the course, travelling down to the office in London. It was very apparent his work ethic was there and Jamie could relate to his situation. Sandy was frustrated with his role as a CCTV Engineer as Jamie was with his plumbing role in the past, they both wanted to better themselves.
Over 2 years on and they still catch up on a daily basis to discuss strategies and the markets, creating a competitive and successful atmosphere for both.
So how did this benefit Sandy and how could you use mentoring in your career?
  • Talking to an industry expert
Sandy found it hugely beneficial to be able to ask anything and most importantly not be judged when asking these questions at the early stages of developing his knowledge.
Consider what you want and need to learn? Approach people in your sector who are experts in their field.
It doesn’t just have to be one mentor or one expert, in our other blog posts we will cover Mitun another business owner who has helped provide guidance to Sandy in regards to running and marketing a business.
  • Setting ambitious goals
Jamie has been able to challenge Sandy on what his next steps will be throughout the process of learning and setting up SR Investments. When required he has been straight and honest by questioning whether these goals are ambitious enough.
What are the short terms and long term goals you have in your current role, for your career or your business? Identify and approach those who have reached these goals in the past.
The new year was the ideal time to plan for the twelve months ahead however it is worth re-visiting these goals on a monthly basis, were they realistic or too ambitious?
  • Sharing ideas
This allowed Sandy to identify any gaps in his strategy, things he may have missed otherwise, using the knowledge and experiences of others.
Are you making new plans? Do you regularly ask for feedback from others?
Mentors don’t always have to be more experienced than you as well, consider who is in a different industry to you, they may offer useful perspectives on your plans or ideas.
  • Analysing and overcoming failures
Through speaking to Jamie, Sandy had someone who understood the daily challenges he was going through, most days as a trader you are working alone and it can be a lonely place! When sometimes he had rushed decisions Jamie was able to take a step back and analyse the approach that was taken without an emotional connection to the decision.
Using a mentor can not only offer solutions on how to overcome challenges you have but also increase your motivation to be resilient and bounce back from these situations with their words of encouragement.
After a catch up on progress, discussing recent results, the final message from both Sandy and Jamie was clear:
“Surround yourself with like-minded people who have been successful and want to see you achieve”
Interested in finding out more? Get in touch today by emailing info@srinvestments.co.uk.

Make sure you drop us a follow our social channels for all the latest success stories, blog content and information on making investments for your future:
Facebook: SR Investments
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<![CDATA[Incoming updates, advice and tips…]]>Tue, 26 Feb 2019 16:26:30 GMThttp://srinvestments.co.uk/the-journey-blog/incoming-updates-advice-and-tips
It’s been an exciting end of month at SR Investments HQ, last week saw us hit six figures under management in our portfolio… so Monday came and we hit the road to catch up with two individuals who have been highly influential in the journey so far.
So who did we meet?
Jamie – A key person who aided in Sandy’s development as a trader after crossing paths on his first training course. Jamie could relate to his situation, they both came from a similar background and he could see Sandy’s clear ambition. Although his role wasn’t to be involved in training the ‘junior traders’ Jamie took it upon himself to support and has since been somewhat of a mentor both in and outside of trading.
Mitun – A successful local business owner who took his passion from a “side hustle” and converted this into a thriving business. As a fellow entrepreneur Mitun has seen SR’s quick growth from the businesses inception and challenged Sandy by questioning the organisations goals and targets, igniting the pairs competitive nature. After hearing about the success in the early months, Mitun invested in September 2018 and is not just a client, he is someone who gives further motivation while sharing in the successes.
So what can you learn from this?
Over the next few weeks we will be sharing the lessons learnt from both Jamie and Mitun, the challenges they have faced in their own journeys. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, interested in learning how to trade or thinking of making an investment for yourself we are sending all of the below your way:
  • The value of having a mentor to help you in your career
  • Tips if you want to start trading for yourself and challenges to be aware of
  • What to consider when making an investment
  • Challenges faced when running a business
  • How to market a business effectively
  • What it is like to be a client of SR Investments
<![CDATA[The Beginning. Investment doubter to believer.]]>Sat, 19 Jan 2019 13:18:22 GMThttp://srinvestments.co.uk/the-journey-blog/january-19th-2019
Afternoon, my name's Sean, and I am a life-long friend of Sundeep Rai or Sandy as he likes to be known. Sandy is an entrepreneur and Forex (FX) trader who is no longer my life-long friend. No longer JUST my life-long friend I should say.
He is now not only a friend but an inspiration, a business partner, an influencer and someone who I am confident to invest my hard earned money in.

Through this blog I will be giving my perspective on his journey, sharing not just the successes from him and his clients but the personal learning points we can all take from the journey of a young entrepreneur.

So what's the story with SR Investments and why did I choose to invest?
Click "Read More" to find out...
A couple of years ago my closest life-long friend came to me as he wanted to change his career, he was frustrated and stuck in a 9-5 job that he didn’t enjoy. So… he had this idea, he said he wanted to quit his job and become a trader. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think, he had no training at this point, no contacts in the industry, just a course he had found online which was pretty expensive. I did what friends do and I was supportive, I said go for it but deep down I doubted it was possible. I didn’t doubt his work ethic but I did what most people do, I looked for potential reasons why this may not work for him. Reasons to doubt it was possible.
Firstly, most people aren't willing to go that far out of their comfort zone (doubt 1). Having to re-train, having to approach people outside of your usual circles, travelling to London to study, the list of barriers goes on.
Secondly, could the course be a scam (doubt 2)? Surely more people would go down this route if it was proven to work.
(I will revisit these initial doubts further below)

So, two years are flying by, we catch up almost daily and every evening without fail, he finishes work, he studies the Foreign Exchange markets, he practices on demo accounts on the live markets and slowly he begins to learn more and more. I still wasn’t sure it was all possible. I continued to question myself, why do I doubt him? I thought surely it was too risky for him to just jump out of his job (doubt 3), too risky for others to put money into something like this (doubt 4).

Early 2018 comes and he feels like he’s ready, he is getting great results even though he’s trading at the quietest times of the day around his full time job. As the year progresses, he creates SR Investments, then investors start to pop up… 5K10K20K… in his portfolio… he QUITS HIS JOB?! Next thing… 50K under management in his portfolio!

So we arrive in December, maybe it’s time to start believing? It’s nearly the turn of the year so I thought okay, lets test this for real. I set him a challenge, sticking to ultra-low risk parameters with £3,000 deposited in an account, I said I bet you can’t beat what the banks are offering me on an ISA account annually. (My Halifax Help to Buy: ISA offers 2.25% per year….)

One month on he’s sent me the screenshot above…
Up 4.66% in just ONE MONTH. With Christmas off as well! Haha. So he’s smashed the challenge. Smashed the banks and made double what they would have made on the account in a whole year!! Continuing at this rate we will hit 55% growth by the end of the year. Obviously there are no guarantees in trading but such consistent performance which I've seen on other people's accounts has now been continued with my account.

So lets address these doubts I had along the way:
Doubt 1: Going out of comfort his zone.
One thing I have learnt, when I take a look around in both my professional and personal circles. Those who go out of their way to learn and put themselves in uncomfortable situations go further. They build more links, they learn more skills, they make positive progress in their professional and personal lives.

Doubt 2: a) Could the course be a scam? b) Why weren't more people going down this route?
a) This is the same as many things in life, without research we will never know. A little research into where Sandy trained and it was clear they had a proven track record. Get in touch if you want to know more about how he learnt and developed his skills.
b) I mentioned Sandy's work ethic before and that's it. More people aren't going down this route because they either don't have the work ethic or in many cases the time to learn the sector. Especially when it takes so much work outside of a full time role.

Doubt 3: Was it too risky to leave his job?
Possibly. Well, the key word there is "too" risky. Of course it was going to have a big element of risk involved. However, going back to the learning points from doubt 1 and doubt 2 these show that with the willingness to go out of his comfort zone, put in the work and do the correct research, he was actually taking a calculated risk. Funnily enough calculating risk is what traders do on a daily basis and Sandy clearly seems to be calculating and executing successful decisions every day. He didn't complete the trading course and jump straight into trading for clients, he honed this skill over a number of months and years before offering his services.

Doubt 4: Was it too risky for others to put money in? 
This is a great one because for those who have invested sums, now equaling well over £80,000, clearly show the answer was no. In terms of the future, the stories of success we share and progress with accounts will show that SR Investments operates in a way that is highly profitable while maintaining peace of mind and level of service for its investors. Obviously all investments carry elements of risk however this is carefully managed by Sandy, with a clear strategy and flexible options for you to decide how he opts to approach trades with your account.
Massively proud of this guy and he’s definitely changed me from a doubter. Whether you are interested in investing or just want to use this as inspiration for your own journey, all I’d say is his story is proof. Put yourself outside of your comfort zone more and you WILL progress. Take that new job, make an investment, try that new diet, start that new exercise regime and stick at it…. you WILL get results.

If any one is interested in how Sandy can help them, saving for a house or a wedding or just to actually get their money doing some work for them drop him just email info@srinvestments.co.uk.

Huge thanks to Sandy for letting me start and share this blog. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!